Screen Printing

Stainless Steel Screens for Electronic Printing

Our organization offers a wide range of Stainless Steel Screens for Electronic Printing to its customers. The BOPP SD is the material used, which is a precisely woven stainless steel mesh that is specially designed for the screen printing industry. Owing to the preciseness feature of the range, these products are capable of delivering high quality outputs while taking into account the rigorous needs of the electronics printing industry.

The meshes are available in three designs:

  • BOPP SD PLUS : New generation mesh achieving 50% higher tension tolerance
  • BOPP SDC : Precisely calendared for ultra thin grade
  • BOPP SDC PLUS : Ultra thin plus higher tension tolerance

The benefits of the range are

  • High precision of the mesh openings
  • Uniform weave
  • Exceptionally high yield point
  • Very narrow thickness tolerances
  • Large Open area
  • Firm mesh binding
  • Easy to use (flat-lying, no curl)
  • No static charge

These screens are extensively applicable in Solar cell production, PCB, Hybrid circuit, fine scales and dials.



calendared sdc mesh

Calendared SDC Mesh