Filter Media & Fine Filtrations

Our partners G. Bopp & Co. AG are the leading producers of Woven Wire Mesh and Sintered Mesh. With manufacturing in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and UK they command the largest capacity for fine wire cloth weaving in the world. We have 6500 different types of woven filter media available in Stainless Steel AISI 316L /904L,  Hastelloy C-22 / C-272 and other alloys.

IR Process Heaters

Kumar Enterprises offers fast medium wave Infrared Radiation heaters manufactured by world leaders Krelus AG. IR heaters emit radiations within the range of 2,5 µm - 3,5 µm and reach temperatures upto 800 C within few seconds which offers ideal conditions for fabrics, synthetics and paper to show excellent radiation absorption.

Screen Printing

We bring to India world’s no.1 brand of Stainless Steel Screens –BOPP, the  finest and most accurate meshes  for screen printing. With an experience of more than 125 years behind them, BOPP meshes are supplied to all leading companies producing electronic circuits and solar cells and glass printing.



For all luxury and safety car gadgets, from Mobile Refrigerators and Reverse Guiding System to LCD and Tyre Pressure Managemet System which make your on-road experience easy and comfortable.