Our Competence

We understand that the importance of quality and good engineering. At Kumar Enterprise, we believe that our customers should have only the best and the most innovative products that are best suited as per their requirement.

Partner with our customers through the lifecycle of the product design stage

We provide you with the complete assistance to understand and service our product. Our engineers also help customize the product to the largest degree that is possible from our end.

Partner with the best Swiss and European manufacturers to supply only high quality products

At Kumar we believe only in providing high quality and well engineered products, hence we have partnered with G. Bopp & Co. AG, the worlds No.1 manufacturer of Wire meshes and Filter media and Krelus AG, a leading Swiss manufacturer of Infrared Heaters.

All our products have undergone stringent testing and certification.

Kumar Enterprises is an ISO 9001 company. All our products are FDA and GMP certified.