Filter Media & Fine Filtrations

Multilayer Sintered Filter Media

Our customers can avail from us an innovative printing solution as Multilayer Sintered Filter Media. Sintering is a process in which an enhanced woven wire cloth depends upon a molecular diffusion-bonding. This laminates the multiple layers of wire cloth and creates a diverse and highly useful class of permeable material, which is also termed as Multilayer Sintered Wire Mesh/ Filter Media. These discs find their application in different applications.

We offer two standard kinds of sintered filter mesh to our clients such as Poremet, which determines the filtration of highly viscous fluids with Agitated / Non-Agitated Nutsch Filters & Dryers (ANFD), pressure filtration and centrifuges. Moreover, we also offer Absolta, which is widely used in liquid and gas filtration in order to attain optimum flow and backwash capabilities with the Agitated / Non-Agitated Nutsch Filters & Dryers.


Specification                                             Poremet                                         Absolta
Micron Range                                                 1-100                                             1-100
No. of layers possible                                        5-20                                              3-20
Material                                                SS 316 L , Hastelloy C-22                SS 316 L , Hastelloy C-22
Sizes (mm)                                               OD 10-2000mm                                OD 10-2000mm


Candle filters made using sintered mesh

poremet absolta