IR Process Heaters

Krelus IR Heater

IR heaters powder coating

The fast medium wave KRELUS IR-heaters are superior to most other heating systems, due to medium-wave radiation in the range of 2,5 µm - 3,5 µm which gets the best results.

KRELUS-IR-heaters are working with the shortest reaction time ON/OFF. This guarantees the highest economical use of electrical energy and fastest adaption to required temperatures on product surfaces.


* highest energy efficiency
* fast respond ON/OFF
* no increased start-up current
* medium wave energy in the best absorption range 2.6 µm - 9.6 µm
* maximum achievable temperature 8500c
* maximum wattage upto 50 kw/m2 (5 w/cm2)
* full surface area heating / radiating
* modular design of heaters can be joined together
* separate heating zones possible
* operating voltages from 10 Volt to 660 Volt
* fully controllable


* Fabric & Synthetic pre-heating or drying
* Coating of plastic, textile, paper, etc.
* thermoforming
* activation of glue
* lamination
* melting of plastic powder
* curing of plastics (gelification)
* preheating before embossing
* welding of car parts (also in 3D)



There is virtually no maintenance required as there are no moving parts. Any necessary replacement of the spares can be accomplished by customers’ own personnel. An instruction manual is supplied.



Heater Foils incl. Clips and Tools, Support, Insulating Plates, etc. can be ordered for, as and when need replacement.

IR heaters embossing and laminating line